"The Art of Story-Selling"

(over 8 hours of comprehensive training)


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1. Access to our 3 hour live training on E.P.I.C. Story Hacks


2. 16 Page E.P.I.C. Story Application Guide


3. Access to the freshly recorded 3 hour 'Acceleration virtual live event' on applying your story to your marketing and how to do it effectively


BONUS: Special Exclusive Story "what to do next training' never released to the public until now with special guest Avram Gonzales and Amy Starr Allen




Just hearing the stories that Chris, Amy and Avram shared where a big take away for me. While I was listening I was thinking of my life and wrote down some notes on how to tell my story. I trust Chris, because after I watched this Epic Hack webcast I know Chris is for real. He created this to help others succeed and grow on a deeper level. I feel more confident to share my story, my mistakes and how my journey went in my lift to the point I am now. I created a video telling my story, I was afraid of bad comments but all i got was love and one sale in my primary business so far. This is going to help me and my business to the next level. ~ Tessa Schar



Hey Chris I really like the new breakdown of the course into smaller chunks!! I have gone over it so many times I think I will know it my heart soon. You are right when opportunity comes knocking - work answers. This is the first time since starting out on this adventure where I feel like I am on sound footing. I felt scattered before - so many disparate things on my list of things to do. This makes sense - it's a foundation - and that was missing for me. 

~ Trish Roess




It’s obvious that story telling is a huge piece of successful marketing. And Chris Rocheleau is the premier teacher of story telling – look at the success he has had. He worked with me and helped me refine and put the finishing touches on my story. I’m ready to put it out there to my audience now. As part of this training program, I see how Chris listens and responds to his class participants – he gives way more than what is expected. Chris is “true blue” – just listen to his story and you’ll know. His partners in this program, Amy Starr Allen and Avram Gonzalez, are terrific additions. All three espouse what I would call “light touch” marketing – perfect for my audience. I so appreciate this learning opportunity which Chris offers and believe it is the piece I need to take my business to the next level. ~ Carol Makowski



Chris, what can I say? "Rockstar" might just do it! You truly are a shining example to us all. Thank you so much for all your hard work, and the integrity you bring to it. Shine on bro ~ Brett Sadler